Summer In Malta Is On: Malta Opens to travellers On June 1st

It looks like we will be setting sail in Malta this summer, after all! This month Malta and the United Kingdom have agreed to resume tourism to the island nation as of June 1st. That means your dreams of a summer in the Mediterranian will come true – and we’re here to show you the very best this island has to offer.

Read on to learn what these new rules mean for you and your summer holiday.

Travel to Malta: The New Rules

The new rules will allow UK travellers who have been fully vaccinated to enter Malta and explore the islands freely while on holiday. The cooperation between the governments is a strong one, as Malta is only second to the UK in terms of European countries who have vaccinated the largest portion of the population.

With 40% of people already have received their first dose, alongside Maltas ‘Sunny and Safe’ COVID protocols, you can expect to have an epic trip while still feeling secure.

Why Visit Malta?

If you have yet to visit Malta, this is definitely the summer to do so. Sitting off the coast of Italy and Tunisia, this tiny island nation is normally overflowing with tourists clamouring to visit its sandy beaches, towering cliffs, ancient sites and Game of Thrones filming locations. However this year, there will be far fewer tourists, so it will almost feel like the island is yours. Plus, aboard one of our yachts, you’ll have a front row seat to all of Malta’s epic backdrops.

What can you do in Malta this summer?

Malta and most of its attractions will be fully open to UK travellers who have gotten both of their doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. But, the best way to see the islands is definitely aboard one of our yachts. While you can spend the week driving around or hopping on and off busses and ferries, you will waste a lot of time and money trekking around, sitting in traffic and booking multiple accommodations.

When we decided to set sail in Malta, it was because we knew we could give visitors a much more enjoyable way to explore the island. With SailWeek, you get everything you need wrapping up in one package. Each morning we’ll set sail for a new part of the island, and each night you can fall asleep under the stars aboard your yacht.

What Is SailWeek Malta Like?

If you’ve been on any of our SailWeek’s before, you already know the fun in-store and our adventurous but laid back vibe. But, Malta is special, so we’ve designed an itinerary to show off the very best this island has to offer. From Gozo’s majestic cliffs to the Caribbean-like Blue Lagoon and Malta’s golden shorelines, you’ll see it all.

Still unsure about booking? Don’t sweat it. SailWeek offers one of the best refund policies out there. Be sure to check out our Covid-19 delay, rebooking and cancellation policy here.