{"generalInfo":{"photo":"https://sailweek.proficodev.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/programs-3.jpg","title":"ACI Marina Split","subtitle":"Base marina","description":"Hello sailors!<br><br>Sailing holidays are a unique and unforgettable way to travel. This route is a perfect mixture of social and relaxation. You'll be on the boat with the same minded people and gain more experience in sailing while being in a relaxed environment with a drink in hand sharing a few laughs.<span>SailWeek Croatia contact information</span>","contacts":[{"name":"Operation manager (Duje)","contact":"+385 9895 60262"},{"name":"Lead skipper (Zorica)","contact":"+385 9141 11939"},{"name":"2nd skipper (Sandre)","contact":"+385 9841 0154"},{"name":"Office (Sandra)","contact":"+385 9151 77531"},{"name":"Email","contact":"info@sailweek.torus"}]},"meetingPoint":[{"title":"Place","description":"On Saturday we'll meet and greet at our Check in point at the ACI marina Split."},{"title":"Address","description":"ACI marina Split<br>Uvala Baluni 8, Split<br>Duje +385 9895 60262"},{"title":"Time","description":"<ul><li>10 AM - 5 PM</li><li>No need to rush because you can Check in anytime from 10 AM to 5 PM.</li><li>The earliest you can board on is 6 PM so take your time and explore Split.</li><li>We aim to start sailing towards Solta island from 6-7 PM.</li></ul>"},{"title":"Notes","description":"<ul><li>If you arrive earlier you can always leave your luggage at our Check-In point.</li><li>f you have a late flight, or not sure you are going to be able to do the Check In until given time please contact us at info@sailweek.tours or on our mobile.</li><li>We will give you the name of your yacht, name of your skipper and his/her phone number so you can easily join the rest of the fleet the same day you arrived.</li><li>If you arrived on Saturday after the Check in, unfortunately the earliest you can join the fleet is Sunday afternoon in Vis.</li><li>If you arrived on Sunday please take a transfer directly to Split city harbour and take Jadrolinija ferry to Vis, Island of Vis.</li></ul>"}],"faq":[{"question":"Getting there: bus & taxi","answer":"<h4>Taxi/Transfers from the airport to the ACI marina Split</h4><p>For transfers from the airport to ACI Marina Split the quickest way is via taxi. Our partner <a href='http://www.booker.hr/' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'>Booker.hr</a> is reliable with very competitive prices. SailWeek guests get a 5% discount with this discount code: SWC5. You may book via their website <a href='http://www.booker.hr/' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'>Booker.hr</a> or by phone: +385 98 9060 198.</p><p><span>Make sure to specify <strong>ACI marina Split</strong> as your destination because there are a few marinas in the area.</span></p><h4>BUS Transfers from the airport to the ACI marina Split:</h4><p>Croatia Airlines offers a bus shuttle from Split Airport to the Central bus station in Split. One way ticket is around 35 HRK (cca 5 Euro) Central bus station is located on the east coast of the harbour, opposite the ACI marina Split (west coast) where the SailWeek boats are located. From there you will need to take a 30 min walk or take a water taxi (5 min) to the Marina. Water taxi stand is located in the central part of Riva, the main sea promenade. For bookings and information about the buses visit <a href='http://www.plesoprijevoz.hr' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'>Pleso Prijevoz website</a>.</p>"},{"question":"Check in","answer":"<h4>Pre-departure Tax</h4><p>Pre-departure tax of 600 Croatian Kuna (~ 80 EUR) per person applies to all bookings. It is a part of the full price that has to be paid in Cash upon your arrival at the departure marina. If you don't have any local currency, don't worry. There is an ATM machine at departure marina.</p><h4>PASSPORT</h4><p>During the Check In you will be asked to give us your passport. Don't worry, It is a standard procedure. We will hold on your passport for the next seven days instead of charging you security deposit for the yacht. Your passport is always going to be with you on your yacht at the safe place. In case you need your passport, you can always ask your skipper. After finishing your SailWeek the charter company has to confirm there are no damages on your boat. Your skipper is going to give back your passports as soon as the Checkout procedure is done.</p><h4>SailWeek Croatia Wristbands</h4><p>Upon your arrival to the ACI marina Split, you have to go through the Check In procedure. After paying the pre-departure tax you'll get your SailWeek Croatia wristband. SailWeek Croatia wristband is included in price. It identifies you as a member of the SailWeek group including all of the benefits such as entrance to selected parties/clubs and discounts on extra activities that we offer or organize during the sailing week.</p>"},{"question":"Food and hygiene","answer":"<p>Mediterranean style groceries for breakfast and light lunch are included and delivered straight to your yachts on Saturday afternoon. It includes all basic household items necessary for the week on the yacht.</p><h5>BASIC ITEMS</h5><ul><li>Salt</li><li>Pepper</li><li>Bottled water</li><li>Sugar</li><li>Flour</li><li>Corn flour</li><li>Herb spices</li><li>Olive oil</li><li>Sunflower oil</li><li>Balsamic vinegar</li></ul><h5>BREAKFAST</h5><ul><li>Toast bread</li><li>Corn flakes</li><li>Muesli</li><li>Nutella</li><li>Ham</li><li>Bacon</li><li>Cheese</li><li>Spread cheese</li><li>Fresh cheese</li><li>Butter</li><li>Jam</li><li>Mozzarella</li><li>Eggs</li><li>Milk</li><li>Yogurt</li><li>Coffee</li><li>Tea</li><li>Orange juice</li><li>Cherry juice</li><li>Rice cakes</li></ul><h5>LUNCH</h5><ul><li>Cod fillets</li><li>Chicken breast fillets</li><li>Canned tuna</li><li>Canned beef stew</li><li>Pesto sauce</li><li>Basilico tomato sauce</li><li>Spaghetti</li><li>Green tagliatelle</li><li>Parmigiano</li><li>Rice</li><li>Cooking cream</li><li>Canned corn</li></ul><h5>SEASONAL FRUIT AND VEGETABLES</h5><ul><li>Tomatoes</li><li>Onions</li><li>Garlic</li><li>Zucchini</li><li>Mushrooms</li><li>Bananas</li><li>Oranges</li><li>Apples</li><li>Peaches</li><li>Watermelon</li></ul><h4>HYGIENE</h4><h5>HYGIENE PACKAGE</h5><ul><li>Dish sponge</li><li>Liquid hand soap</li><li>Kitchen towels roll</li><li>Toilet paper</li><li>Liquid dish soap</li><li>Trash bags</li><li>Universal cleaning spray</li><li>Aluminum foil</li></ul><ul><li>Full yacht bookings have an option to hire a hostess.</li><li>You are required to keep the yacht tidy and clean the dishes.</li><li>If you run out of food you may bring your own food and drinks on board any time at no additional charge. There are local shops and supermarkets at most shore stops to re-supply if needed.</li><li><strong>NOTE:</strong> If you have any dietary requirements we will make every effort to cater to your specific needs as long as you ask us in advance. But please be aware that although we will do everything in our power to arrange it, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to cater all dietary needs, particularly in the more isolated villages.</li></ul>"},{"question":"Insurance","answer":"<p>We strongly recommend that all customers take comprehensive travel insurance before the trip departs covering cancellation, medical expenses including repatriation, loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings, money and public liability.</p>"},{"question":"What about the money?","answer":"<h4>Currencies</h4><p>Croatian currency is KUNA [kúːna] (HRK). It is generally always possible to exchange foreign currency to Kuna after arriving to Croatia, but the easiest way is to make a withdrawal from a local ATM. All towns/villages have a Foreign Exchange office and an ATM.</p><ul><li>GBP (£) 1 = 8,50 Kuna (HRK)</li><li>EUR (€) 1 = 7.40 Kuna (HRK)</li><li>USD ($) 1 = 6,60 Kuna (HRK)</li><li>AUD ($) 1 = 4,75 Kuna (HRK)</li><li>CAD ($) 1 = 5,00 Kuna (HRK)</li><li>NZD ($) 1 = 4,46 Kuna (HRK)</li></ul><h4>Changing money</h4><p>ATMs/cashpoints are available all over Croatia and are the safest and easiest way to access money. Major credit cards are also accepted and we recommend bringing yours along.</p><p>We recommend changing approximately 1.000,00 HRK in cash before departure. This will cover you until you have the chance to change more or find an ATM.</p><p>While withdrawing money from ATM in Croatia, in  case if offered, always select option without conversion/charge in HRK. This way you'll avoid additional fee.</p><h4>Spending Money</h4><p>Based on experience, we recommend at around 200 HRK - 600 HRK per day. This is to cover daily expenses including extra optional activities, small souvenir shopping, going out and dinners.</p><p>Remember, this is a rough figure only and spending habits vary greatly between individuals according to their budget and habits!</p><h4>Prices in Croatia:</h4><ul><li>Beer - €2 to €5</li><li>Cocktails - €6 to €15</li><li>Shots - €2,5 to €8</li><li>Coffee - €1,5 to €4</li><li>Soft drinks - €2 to €4</li><li>Bottled water - €1 to €3</li><li>Fast Food - €3,5 to €7,5 (burgers, pizza, sandwiches, etc.)</li><li>Dinner with Wine - €20 to €40 (at good local restaurants)</li></ul><p>The prices in Croatian supermarkets and local markets are very reasonable and similar or lower to other European countries.</p><h4>Tipping</h4><p>In Croatia tipping is customary and more than welcome. Sometimes a service charge may be added to your bill, other times it is usual to round up the bill to the nearest 10 HRK or 100 HRK (depending on amount or to leave an additional amount of between 5% to 10%. Your Skipper or Guest Manager will be able to advise you further on the tipping customs.</p><h4>Tipping skippers/hostess</h4><p>Our crew is amazing. Skippers and hostess are working hard to make this the best week of your life. If you are satisfied with their enthusiasm and the service you're getting, it would be nice to tip them at the end of the cruise. That would be the nice way showing your gratitude.</p>"},{"question":"Health and safety","answer":"<p>We want to make sure you're having the time of your life while travelling with us. Therefore, if you suffer from any kind of medical condition or allergies, we need to know about it. Please make sure this information is filled in the crew list information.</p><p>If you require regular medication, you must have a sufficient supply before your trip departs, as it may be difficult to obtain while travelling. You must be able to administer your own medication, as the SailWeek Crew will not be able to administer it.</p>"},{"question":"General informatio","answer":"<h4>Public toilets</h4><p>In most towns you can expect to pay a small amount to use public toilets. It is a common practice in Croatia and should be regarded as a form of 'tipping', as the money goes to the people who clean and/or maintain the facilities. It is very rare that public toilets do not supply toilet paper, but it may be useful to carry a pack of tissues with you. We recommend using the cafe and restaurant toilets whenever you can as it is free.</p><h4>Power</h4><p>Your yacht will use a CEE7/16 standard round two-prong plug, so a single adapter will work. The yacht will only have AC power while in marina (2 or 3 days). The yacht will always have USB access via a 12 volt car charger for phones, tablets etc.</p><h4>Voltage</h4><p>Throughout Croatia the voltage is a uniform 220 V. If the voltage is the same or similar in your home country your appliance will comply. If "},{"question":"What to bring","answer":"<h4>What to Bring</h4><p >On your yacht full bedding will be provided so you do not need to bring a sleeping bag.</p><p>We recommend soft bags, suitcases or frameless backpacks, plus a small day pack or carry bag. No external framed bags please, as they can damage or mark the walls of the yacht/cabin. Please limit your luggage to a maximum of 20kg.</p><h4>Suggested packing list</h4><p >The golden rule is to travel as light as you can. Only bring what you really need and leave plenty of space for things you might want to buy. Don't forget you will have to carry your bag around before and after the trip.</p><p>The following is a suggested clothing list only, based on our experience.</p><ul><li>1 pair of comfortable walking shoes</li><li>1 pair thongs/sandals/flip-flops</li><li>1 pairs jeans/trousers</li><li>2 pairs shorts/skirts</li><li>4 shirts/t-shirts</li><li>1 sweater/jumpers</li><li>Underwear and socks!</li><li>Swimsuit</li><li>Beach towel (can buy locally, note that one shower towel will be provided on the yacht)</li><li>Toiletries</li><li>Hat and Sunscreen</li><li>Basic medical kit (including plasters, aspirin etc.)</li><li>Conversion plug</li></ul>"},{"question":"Finishing your trip","answer":"<p>We will arrive at <span>ACI marina Dubrovnik</span> on Friday afternoon where you'll spend last night on the yacht. Latest check-out time from the yacht is on Saturday morning until 9<small>AM</small>.</p>"},{"question":"Final checklist","answer":"<h4>Final Checklist</h4><ul><li>Passport (with visa if required!)</li><li>Airline tickets (if applicable)</li><li>Insurance Policy (bring these details with you)</li><li>Camera; batteries; chargers; conversion plug</li><li>Phone</li></ul><h4>Security</h4><p>Please securely store all your important documents online, passport number, insurance and visa information and travellers cheques details.</p>"},{"question":"In case of emergency","answer":"<p>While we hope you never have to use it, if for any reason you need to contact someone from SailWeek, whether it be that you have a missed departure, have been separated from your trip or any other unforeseeable problem, the following numbers are available to you.</p><table><tbody><tr><td>LEAD SKIPPER <strong>ZORICA:</strong></td><td>+385 9141 11939</td></tr><tr><td>2nd SKIPPER <strong>Sandre:</strong></td><td>+385 9841 0154</td></tr><tr><td>Email:</td><td>info@sailweek.tours</td></tr><tr><td>Emergency services:</td><td>112</td></tr></tbody></table><p><strong>Please remember</strong> Please remember if it is a genuine emergency, we want you to call us. However, if it can wait until the next day, we ask politely to call during our office hours (9 <small>AM</small> to 8 <small>PM</small>). Thank you.</p>"}]}