8 Reasons I Chose Sailweek Over Other Sailing Holidays

8 Reasons I Chose Sailweek Over Other Sailing Holidays

Cliff jumping in Croatia has always been a bucket list item for me. One time, I even wrote about it and won a free flight anywhere in the world. I somehow got talked into buying a ticket to Spain instead, which was a cool trip. But, the idea of Croatia always haunted me after that. I had FOMO. Those crystal clear waters. Pebbled coastlines. Epic nightlife. Breathtaking sunsets. I never shook it.

Then I got an ad on my Instagram for SailWeek and couldn’t stop obsessing over the idea of a yacht week in Croatia. Not only could I go cliff jumping into azure waters, but I could spend the week sailing them. I was immediately drawn to the Dubrovnik route, which for me, seemed like the perfect mix of lazy mornings, adventurous afternoons and exciting nights. 

But like any other internet-savvy millennial, I wanted to shop around, especially because I’d never done one of these sailing holidays before. You guys get it — just because you see an ad for something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best product or experience out there. But even after scrolling endlessly through competitors and reading seemingly every online review, I ended up right back here at Sailweek. Here’s why.

1. All the info I needed to sail Croatia was easy to find

What I really liked about SaiWeek was that they provided pretty much all the info I needed upfront. Everything on the website was laid out nice and clearly so that I had a great idea of what this yacht week trip entailed. A lot of other sites were quite general and generic, and I didn’t get a feel of what each trip was actually like.

SailWeek actually provided their sail routes, daily itineraries and great photos of what each island and activity was like. I felt like I knew exactly what I was getting, and that really helped me make the decision to choose them.

Spoiler alert: it’s actually way better than what they say!

2. The staff was friendly and super helpful

Whenever I did have a question, the staff was always there to chat and help me out. They always answered my questions honestly and gave great advice about their sailing holidays — from their sail Greece and sail Malta routes to their sail Croatia routes

3. SailWeek felt like a community

They don’t just have a strong following on Instagram and Facebook, but they have a ton of loyal SailWeek fans and veterans who back them up online. Anyone I reached out to who went on their sailing holidays had nothing but great things to say — as well as amazing pics to post of their adventures and yacht week.

4. It’s solo-traveler friendly

Because I was planning to sail Croatia solo, I was a bit apprehensive about getting on a boat with strangers for an entire week. But what really drew me to SailWeek was the fact that they openly welcome solo travelers, not just groups of friends and couples on their sailing holidays. Their focus on fun and community made me feel totally comfortable booking this myself.

Heads up: Whatever package you choose, you’re always allowed to bring your own food and booze on board. Never go without your favorite snacks or drinks!

5. Everything is included (if you book premium or deluxe option)

What also really drew me to SailWeek was how everything was included in their sailing holidays. For less than the price of a hotel for a week, I got lodging on a Sailboat that hopped the islands, free breakfast and lunch, unlimited drinking water, and all my port fees covered. I literally just needed to show up ready to have fun and sail Croatia. Included in the price was also snorkel gear and a paddleboat, which other companies didn’t always provide.

Your SailWeek Inclusives (premium & deluxe bookings only)
  • Professional skipper with excellent local knowledge
  • Bottled water & groceries for breakfast and lunch
  • 7 days/nights accommodation on your yacht
  • Port fees, tourist taxes and fuel
  • Towels and linen, final cleaning & dinghy
  • Free Wi-Fi on your yacht
  • Snorkeling equipment & stand up paddleboard
  • Bring your own drinks and food at no extra charge

6. The itinerary was really the best

You may assume that all the regional sailing holidays do the same route. But, what I found digging around online was that not all yacht week trips are created equal. A lot of other tours skipped islands or seemed to spend too little time there. Over the course of 7 days with SailWeek, I’d get the chance to see all the best islands between Dubrovnik and Split. Plus, SailWeek had set up some incredible activities for us on each island, meaning we’d really get to take advantage of the best each location had to offer.

7. They have options for everyone

I personally wanted the premium yacht because it had a bit more space and included some extras like food for breakfast and lunch and drinking water. While it might not matter to everyone, it is a great upgrade option for a small price difference. And if you want to budget, you can choose the Standard Package and do your own grocery shopping. Or if you want to really splash out after a couple low-key pandemic summers, the Premium Package with a bigger yacht, stewardess and other perks is definitely the choice for you.

8. They were clearly experience makers

There were a lot of Croatian sailing tours, but SailWeek seemed very invested in creating epic, unforgettable experiences for their sailors. I loved their vibe, their imagery, the community they created and the itineraries they curated for their sailing holidays. Nothing felt like an oversell. Their website wasn’t pushy. It really just felt clear from the get-go that Sailweek wanted to show everyone an authentically good time and the best that the islands had to offer.

And guess what? It lived up to the hype

My Dubrovnik SailWeek trip was honestly one of the best holidays I’ve ever taken. Full stop. In fact, it was so good it may have ruined other holidays for me. In the next blog, you can read all about my SailWeek Croatia experience — from morning swims, beach hopping and dune buggy riding to stargazing from the bow after a night out and meeting friends from all over the world.

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