SailWeek 2020 New routes

SailWeek 2020 New routes

SailWeek has always been about epic adventures. When we started off in Croatia in 2012, our goal was to share the stunning coasts, secret hideaways, incredible nightlife and breathtaking nature these islands had to offer. Our team — and you guys — have had so much fun doing it, we’ve also set sail in Greece, and now onto Malta and Montenegro, with the same goals.

With these new shores and 2020 on the horizon, we wanted to take the time to introduce you to our new routes and hopefully inspire some serious wanderlust. Hop aboard!

With these new shores and 2020 on the horizon, we wanted to take the time to introduce you to our new routes and hopefully inspire some serious wanderlust. Hop aboard!


Croatia’s Southern Sister

As you know, SailWeek started out in Croatia. We came to this region because it was so unspoiled and so incredibly beautiful that we wanted to share all it had to offer with everyone else. Now that Croatia has been officially put on the map as one of the hottest places to holiday, we wanted to introduce you to the next big thing in the region: Montenegro.

Croatia’s southern sister boasts that same laid back, effortlessly beautiful vibe. But in Montenegro, instead of island hopping, you’re sailing between luxurious ports like Porto Montenegro, quaint and ancient fishing villages, looming mountains you’ll want to scale and beaches to party. Gliding through the calm, blue Bay of Kotor, you’ll explore this country’s diversity — where natural beauty is the backdrop for epic nightlife and where millionaires sail alongside you, but you share the same secret.

There’s no doubt in our mind that a sailing yacht is the best way to explore Montenegro and all she has to offer. We’ll make swim stops, sail right up to the best beach parties and port in cities you’re aching to explore. With our seasoned guides at the helm, there’s not an epic restaurant, bar or Instagramable stop you’ll miss, either. Sail with us and explore Montenegro before everyone else does!


More Than Just An Island

Malta may just be one of the craziest places you’ll ever visit. Sitting off the coast of Italy and Tunisia, this tiny island nation is brimming with history, outlined with rocky cliffs ripe for jumping, and some of the clearest, most blue water you could imagine. In fact, Malta’s cities and landscape are so medieval, enchanting and picturesque, Game of Thrones couldn’t even resist using it as their backdrop.

As we got to know this island better, we couldn’t stop thinking about how sailing was the best way to explore all it had to offer. From the water you can easily glide from Gozo’s majestic cliffs to the Caribbean-like Blue Lagoon and Malta’s golden shorelines. You can also sail between the hottest clubs, like Spinola Bay and Cafe del Mar, one of the best lounge clubs in the world. On a yacht, you can also maximize your time enjoying Malta’s spoils instead of sitting in traffic or jammed on a ferry trying to get from place to place. And at night, you can let the waves rock you to sleep.

But when we looked around, we realized no one was doing it. Seriously, no one! So, Malta became our next epic adventure and a new ORIGINAL route for Sailweek. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our itinerary so that it’s ready for you this summer, we hope to see you there!

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