Why You Should Book SailWeek 2023 ASAP

Why You Should Book SailWeek 2023 ASAP

Right now the only holidays on your mind are the wintry ones around the corner — we get it. But, if you want to get a really good deal, now’s the time to start thinking about your summer holidays. Hear us out!

Much like the rest of the world, here at SailWeek, things are finally back to normal, and our jobs are in full swing. Back in 2019, we had our biggest, craziest summer yet. And for 2020, we were planning to go even harder. But you might remember the pesky virus that brought the entire world (and our summer plans) to a halt. 

Now two years on, we’re so excited that our loyal customers are back in droves, and they’re spreading the word and bringing friends. Lucky for you, we’d never hike the price just because there’s demand. However, we do have to hike the price as it gets closer to the date, we set sail. So, booking early is always advisable (and cheaper). 

Here, we’re going to break down why you should start planning your summer holidays now so you can get the best deal and don’t miss out on all the fun.

1. Book SailWeek early for better deals

Our concept is simple: the earlier you book your SailWeek trip, the better the deal you get. What happens is at the start of each month, we increase the price. So the closer we get to the sailing date, the more you’ll have to pay to book your trip. This is because the earlier we can book the boats, the better price we get and can pass on to you. Easy!

Take a look at the differences for yourself…
Prices starting from:
December: €785
March: €985
May: €1085

With the money you save, you can buy a whole new set of bikinis, a bigger floaty, or just increase your beer budget. They all sound good to us!

2. Secure the dates you really want

We’re already preparing for Summer 2023 to be our biggest yet. We sold out all of our early bird spots and you sailors are already booking more spots than ever. So that means if you have dates in mind when you really want to set sail, you’re better off booking now.

Whether you prefer a more relaxing sail in June, want to hit the islands in full swing in July, or can only squeeze in a trip in August after all those summer weddings, booking your Sailweek early allows you to secure your spot (or entire boat) and breathe easy. Because the only thing worse than not getting your preferred dates is not getting to go at all!

3. Make sure you get your preferred route

While some routes run all summer, routes like Ultra only run for two weeks alongside the festival. And popular routes like the Party route start to fill up quickly for the most popular weeks in July and August. So, if you want to be at the party in full swing or make sure you can dance the night away at Ultra then climb back on board and sleep under the stars, you’ll want to book your spot as early as possible.

Top tip: Entire boats book up extra fast for our Ultra and Party routes. In fact, we have already sold out the fully bookable Ultra boats, and there are limited single spots left. So, if you and the crew want to set sail with us this summer, always book as early as possible to ensure we can set an entire boat aside for you.

4. Charter the boat you really want

Speaking of boats. If you’re taking the crew with you this summer, booking early means you can secure the best boat possible for your trip. Do you want a swim platform? We got you! More cabins for all 12 of you? No problem. There are even a few boats with air conditioning we can book for you if you want them! But, you gotta act quickly.

5. Book cheaper flights, too

Ahead of the summer, airlines have all kinds of deals to drum up summer travel. From ‘Black Friday’ sales in November to Christmas deals and New Year campaigns, airlines give you tons of opportunities to book your summer travels ahead of time for the best price possible. So if you already know when you’re going to set sail, you might as well keep on saving and secure your flights, too.

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Whether you want to embark on the adventurous Dubrovnik route, set sail to Ultra, party the week away, explore the Greek isles or hop between quaint villages in Montenegro, we can take you there. But, getting the best deal is on you. Act quick and you can secure your spot for less! Browse our routes now to get the lay of the land and start planning the most epic summer yet.

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