How to make sure You are on the same yacht with your friends on SailWeek?

How to make sure You are on the same yacht with your friends on SailWeek?

“I’ve booked SailWeek a few weeks ago and my friends want to book now and join me on the trip. How can I make sure that we are going to be on the same yacht?”

People often book SailWeek and after a while their enthusiasm and excitement gets transferred to their friends who end up booking a trip themselves.

We are referring to spot bookings because when you book a whole yacht it is your private yacht for you and your friends.

There are three different situations and this is How you’re gonna be sure that you’re on the same yacht with your friends.

1. If you book and pay together, you will be together on the same yacht by default.

  • There is no need to write or ask us to put you on the same boat.
  • Your head booker is going to get a reservation number for all of you and he will fulfill the crew list details.
  • People who book together are always on the same boat.
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2. If you book and pay separately

  • Your friend has already booked SailWeek and you want to join the trip.
  • You will just add a note to your booking that you want to be placed with him.


  • Your friend booked earlier and his reservation number is 100/2018.
  • Your want to book the same trip two months later.
  • In this case please ask them their reservation number.
  • While booking online you’ll just add a note that you want to be placed together with Reservation number 100/2018.
Note to your booking
  • In our booking confirmation email you will receive your personal reservation number 100-1/2018
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3. If you and your friends have already made your bookings separately and received different Reservation numbers from us and you didn’t make earlier note to place you together.

In that case, please, let us know on time and we will make changes needed to place you together. Please send us an email at with your names and reservations numbers and we’ll make sure that you’re on the same boat.

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